Birthing Ourselves

Mindful and Heartfelt Childbirth Prep

Birthing Ourselves is offering in-person preparation and self-paced e-course options to navigate the birth and parenting process with others or from the comfort of your home. Our approach is about experiential learning, some content, inquiry, and reflection. We learn from each other by sharing, exploring, and practicing. This gathering will enrich and honor your childbirth and postpartum journey as a Rite of Passage.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to explore within ourselves and each other the
impending newness of birth and becoming parents. Through this process,
may the care, resources, and tools we share create readiness and
willingness to open to this experience and move through it with courage,
excitement, and the power of surrender.


Tierra’s Birthing Ourselves course was one of the best investments I made as I prepared for the birth of my first child. Tierra’s mindful and heart felt approach helped me get more attuned with all that comes with motherhood. In this course, you will explore the many facets of pregnancy, birth and postpartum. Tierra is a natural educator and coach. She provides a safe and nurturing environment for you to discuss and explore and has an uncanny ability to integrate both Western and Eastern childbirth perspectives into the conversation. I highly recommend this course to anyone looking for an enriching and holistic approach to childbirth prep.
Emily M.

Tierra’s “birthing ourselves” course was a helpful and holistic approach to navigate the many pieces involving the journey from creation into parenthood. She has a gifted way of delivering her wisdom and expertise with compassion as she encompasses both her medical and alternative practices. Tierra’s presence is delightful, supportive and nourishing. I would highly recommend this course for any parents both old and new who are interested in something beyond the typical birth course!

Jenni G.

The Birthing Ourselves course has truly prepared us for the challenge of birth and becoming new parents. Entering the class, we knew that we wanted to try for a natural birth but did not know how to prepare for this. The tools we learned in this course such as mindfulness, breathing and movement techniques empowered us to feel ready for this challenge. We appreciated that Tiera also focused on the spiritual and emotional aspects of entering parenthood and that many of the tools we learned will apply to life after birth. Tiera has been a wonderful teacher and guide on the path to parenthood. We would highly recommend taking her course.
Amelia and Casey B.


Tierra Owen

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