Wouldn’t it be amazing to experience birth as part of the heroine’s journey? How could we see it as a chapter in our lives that took on all the archetypal meaning of Mother, of becoming a mother or continue on being a mother. What if we could allow ourselves the time to see, feel, and live the elements of this journey; the ability to accept the call to transform during pregnancy, the willingness and readiness to surrender to the initiation of birth, and the return to the tribe with wisdom and experience to raise your child and commune the learnings of it all, working and living amongst others in this new role.


Birth is a Rite of Passage. Parenting is a lifelong journey gleaned from that Rite of Passage. One of the silver linings, for some, during COVID 19 is the ability to slow down and accept the call to this sacred rite that otherwise may be lost in the hustle and bustle of productive life.


Birthing Ourselves offers a way to accept that call. It offers a framework, some principles, and powerful questions that cue your own personal process to take this journey. Our coaching/course sessions are built on a holistic approach that includes all aspects of our human experience and helps us look at these parts while offering resources and support. These principles are linked to 5 foundational people who you will be introduced to in Session 1.


You will also be introduced to mindful childbirth and parenting as well as embodiment practices of breath, movement, and the opportunity to invite pleasure into an experience that has traditionally been labeled as agony. You will use aspects of Qigong and Traditional Chinese Medicine to connect to the elements and see how they can serve you in birth.


It is our hope that this way of approaching birth offers much more richness, connection, and possibility to your parenting and family experience. Will you take the call? If you would like to, sign up for one of our free sessions on our website and see if you would like to answer and accept this invitation for transformation.