Earth in Birth. The earth element holds the sacred space for mothers. It is our opportunity as we begin or journey through our mothering experience to connect deeply with what Earth has to offer us. There are both quality offers and medicine offers. What are the quality offers of the earth? Earth is all about nurturing and being nurtured, being oriented at the center of your being, poised and aware, and being connected to others (animal, vegetable, and mineral) in community. As mother’s these are essential lessons for us and the balancing of the earth element can assist us in secure beingness. In energy medicine, the Earth element is represented by the organs of the spleen and the stomach. The stomach is not only the place where we take in food nutrients, it also represents the place that we take in all other inputs that help us thrive or not. When there is stomach irritability it is a sign for us that we need to adjust what we are taking in, either in food stuffs or in life situations. We have both the opportunity to adjust what comes in from the outside, but also attune our own reactions from the inside toward a less resistant more accepting stance. Think of the mindfulness practice of “being with what is.” Sometimes this is the most simple way to decrease suffering. The spleen is all about assisting the nourishment coming in and transforming it into life giving energy. A balanced spleen is all about the poised confident nature of a mother. The earth never worries, it only revolves, centered and strong holding all of its children dearly. The medicine of the spleen is all about transforming worry into confidence. Like food stuffs being transformed to the appropriate elements for life giving energy, the spleen appropriately centers our attention on the important work at hand and doesn’t allow it to run all over the place into every little concern. Balancing spleen is assisted by calm meals together with family, being warmed and feeling centered by the fire or the sun, and cultivating environments of safety and security, not just physically but places you won’t be judged or judge yourself. As Earth and as mother, this is one more path toward thrivalhood. To learn more, join my free course on childbirth prep. Link in the bio.