The Fire Phase 

Fire is expression and growth in our life. Fire is the passion of the heart and the purity of the small intestine. In energy medicine, the heart is said to be the house of the spirit. The small intestines do the job of sorting what comes in and what leaves us. 

More or Less Fire

The transformative power of fire is immense. It is the ultimate distillation and purifier of all things in its path. It can be viewed as destructive, but all fires are not out of control. It is our awareness of the type of fire that burns within us that is important and whether it needs to be stoked or dampened. 

Fire for Birth and Postpartum

The growth cycle of pregnancy is very fiery. Why do you think pregnant women are so much warmer than other times in their lives? The metabolic heat of all they are doing in creating new life is a vital burn inside of them. When the transition of birth happens it is ESSENTIAL to keep a mother warm because much of the fire left her by completing her pregnancy and an outer fire is needed to nourish the next phase of Earth and postpartum. 

The wisdom of fire permeates 3 domains:  love, purity, and motion. Learn more about the elements and birth in my free Childbirth Prep.