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The 7-Week Experience includes these themes:

  • Normal/Physiologic birth and how you may want to meet it
  • Training the nervous system and automatic responses
  • The 8 emotions and increasing our EQ
  • Managing and coping with sensation and intensity
  • The cultural perspectives we bring and share with our partners
  • The 9 types of intimacy; building trust and creating safety
  • Honoring the rite of passage and birthing ourselves as parents
  • Deep internal listening and authentic expression
  • Movement, relaxation, sounding, and breathwork
  • Traveling the unexpected roads in birth
  • Human connection and the birth team
  • Interaction and Practice
  • Loving yourself postpartum
  • TBA final week reunion after babies are born

This is introductory pricing and will change in future offerings.

First Introduction Group

If this is your first time, please join us for free and decide if this childbirth and parenting prep is for you. FREE

Mindful and Heartfelt Childbirth Prep

Our 6-week course, Mindful and Heartfelt Childbirth Prep, gives you over 12 hours of content and interaction on zoom. It also includes the e-course access for background and additional study with: 8 hours of video, 18 Printable PDF’s, 12 Downloadable audio files, and access to curated resources to explore transformation in yourself and your growing family for $399

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