Fire and Love

The love that connects us with our baby is very passionate. Think of the mama bear energy of fierce protection. The breasts are also centered at the heart level and are our organs of giving love. As milk comes in the breasts become hot with this fire of connection, protection and love. The tongue is the tissue of the fire element and its ability to speak to our needs, our emotions, and what we feel strongly about is very important at this time. Blurting out what is on our hearts is a common experience in pregnancy as the fire bubbles over and we express what needs to be expressed. It is a lesson at this time of our lives to cultivate this verbal expression as it is no longer just about us, our family is growing and our centered nourishment of ourselves and family needs to be expressed. 

Fire and Purity

Purity is represented by the small intestine as it takes in the nutrients to build our bodies and our baby’s body. It is not just the physical nutrients, but everything one allows into their life is an aspect of what one will take in and what one will discard. The wide open stance of pregnancy and postpartum is something that needs discernment and protection at this time. We are more sensitive and vulnerable to what is coming in so we need to choose wisely to allow our energetic small intestines to not be overwhelmed with the work of burning down all that is essential to keep and all that is not. 

Fire and Motion

Watching a fire, one knows it  never is still. It is always in motion. As are we, either internally or externally, are always in motion.Although it is natural to slow down in pregnancy the need for movement is paramount. Depending on how much fire makes up your constitution, it might mean vigorous movement or an easy paced walk. If one is sluggish and really doesn’t want to move, adding regular easy movement actually builds fire. Allowing position changes that support the baby and the mother’s structure to support her growing body, refraining from long hours of sitting in chairs or bucket seats, and frequent lying down on the side for resting are all measures to influence the benefit of fire in the pregnant body.

Postpartum Fire

Postpartum fire needs to be built internally and not expelled with the heat of vigorous movement. Early pelvic floor breathing to tone and bring awareness to one’s healing, swaying while standing or holding baby, gentle movement to music that nurtures your soul are all examples of supportive movement the first 6 weeks postpartum. Keeping the body warm with blankets, clothing, sun, and fire facilitates the lubrication of fascia for supportive flowing movement. If able, receiving body work or better yet free attentive self massage adds movement to all the tissues of the body.