More Fire

Fire and Love The love that connects us with our baby is very passionate. Think of the mama bear energy of fierce protection. The breasts are also centered at the heart level and are our organs of giving love. As milk comes in the breasts become hot with this fire of...

The Fire Phase in Birth

The Fire Phase  Fire is expression and growth in our life. Fire is the passion of the heart and the purity of the small intestine. In energy medicine, the heart is said to be the house of the spirit. The small intestines do the job of sorting what comes in and what...

The Earth Element and Birth

Earth in Birth. The earth element holds the sacred space for mothers. It is our opportunity as we begin or journey through our mothering experience to connect deeply with what Earth has to offer us. There are both quality offers and medicine offers. What are the...

A New Way to Frame Childbirth Education

Wouldn’t it be amazing to experience birth as part of the heroine’s journey? How could we see it as a chapter in our lives that took on all the archetypal meaning of Mother, of becoming a mother or continue on being a mother. What if we could allow ourselves the time...


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